Cheap Suit

12" Vinyl comes with digital download


  1. Don’t Be That Guy (3.37)
  2. Not Yet Just One More (3.02)
  3. The Dream Team (3.23)
  4. Skimming Stones (3.32)
  5. Heartbeats (3.21)
  6. I Think I Probably Really Like You (3.57)
  7. Meeting Your Mama (3.01)
  8. Cheap Suit (3.54)
  9. What’s Your Name? (3.30)
  10. Angel With A Dirty Face (3.12)
  11. Hold On To Your Love (4.03)


All songs written by Albert Man
Produced by Albert Man
Recorded by Wes Maebe at RAK Studios
Additional recording by Sean Genockey at Black Dog Studios
Mixed by Sean Genockey at Black Dog Studios
Mastered by Ed Woods at Black Dog Studios
Music Consultancy by Rhys Downing
Cover design and artwork by Patryk Hardziej

Albert Man - piano, keyboards, percussion, lead and backing vocals
Demian Wieland - drums
Charlie Webb - bass and backing vocals
Sean Genockey - acoustic guitar, electric guitar and percussion

Released: 23.05.2016 | ©2016 Albert Man Music

Cheap Suit Album Artwork


BBC Radio

"An incredible singer-songwriter. Very very talented indeed."

"Cheap Suit, it's a wonderful wonderful album. Something we've thoroughly enjoyed today."

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Fresh On The Net

"Sweet piano led shenanigans that come over like the lovechild of Billy Joel and Adam Levine."

"Don’t Be That Guy is big on stomp and wide on ambition, it’s a great song to walk to."

"He has a great gravelly rock voice does Albert and he looks great in a hat."

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Fresh On The Net

"It’s testament to the pervasive quality of his songwriting that twice now he’s been selected by our wonderful weekend voters."

"(Not Yet Just One More) It’s a fantastically written song."

"(Not Yet Just One More) I actually experienced glee as it dropped back into the "is-it-a-chorus". A great tune that’s as succinct, playful and delightful as its cheeky ending."

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Stereo Stickman

"What you’re experiencing is a vibrant array of beauty and thought, artistically presented by someone who is musically experienced and skillful. There’s a hell of a lot to love about this album."

"At it’s core, from start to finish, the pairing of Albert Man’s piano playing and his voice will soak through the music and into your world – so effectively that you’ll struggle to remember life without it."

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Angry Baby

"A mix of quirkiness and pathos, it provides social commentary, viewed through the small stuff."

"Bringing a strong, syncopated rhythm, “Skimming Stones” engages from the first beat, demanding attention, driving along, then whipping in a quick change of tempo to keep the listener on their toes."

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Back Row

"Boldly boisterous, occasionally brilliant, touching and memorable. "

"What you are left with is memorable lyrics that resonate throughout the album. "

"The memorable moments tend to be the sweeter notes, coming from a genuine and relatable place. "

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Material Whirl

"He has the finesse to convert the commonplace, the ordinary into something memorable."

"Cheap Suit is highly recommended … The suit may be cheap, but this is priceless."

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The Revue

"Cheap Suit doesn’t disappoint."

"Things that happen and thoughts that arise, unremarked and fleeting, are given a moment of deeper reflection, conjuring up a response of 'Ah yes!' and 'Me too!'"

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Alternative Friday

"With a combination of stunning vocals and a joyous melody running right through it, Heartbeats is a real treat"

"This is a delicious piece of piano led pop"

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"Whether he’s sharing personal stories or piercing social commentary, singer-songwriter Albert Man is an insightful artist to watch."

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XS Noize

"Albert’s mix of melodic piano and country tinged vocals just has a little je ne sais quoi."

"Check out Heartbeats first, you’ll get it, I promise!"

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Physical formats

Cheap Suit vinyl back design 12" vinyl sleeve back cover
Cheap Suit vinyl sticker side 1 design 12" vinyl side 1 label
CCheap Suit vinyl sticker side 2 design 12" vinyl side 2 label
Cheap Suit CD back design CD back cover
Cheap Suit CD design CD disc
Cheap Suit Album Artwork Album artwork front cover for both vinyl & CD

Don't Be That Guy (Acoustic version)

Opening track from CHEAP SUIT. Acoustic version. Video recorded by James Ryan. Edited by Albert Man

Skimming Stones (Official Video)

Track 4 from CHEAP SUIT. Video by Albert Man

The song is about how we don’t engage on a human level as much with each other anymore due to the amount of time we spend on our phones. Footage taken from old VHS and Hi8 video tapes.

Heartbeats (Official Video)

Track 5 from CHEAP SUIT. Video by Keir Siewert featuring Oliver Malam and Poppy Abbott

Cheap Suit (Official Video)

Title track from CHEAP SUIT. Video by Albert Man

The song is about a man whose life takes a turn for the worse after a relationship breakup which results in him becoming homeless and living on the streets.

Cheap Suit Live feat. The Ukulele Teacher

Cheap Suit performed live with John Atkins, The Ukulele Teacher.